Why set up a Dutch business or company in the Netherlands?

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The Netherlands has a pro-business climate, attractive fiscal system, multilingual workforce and technological infrastructure that supports the international expansion of Dutch businesses.

The Netherlands has around 17 million inhabitants, which is a sufficient base to start and grow a business to a level that can internationally compete and expand. The central geographical position of the Netherlands and its outstanding infrastructure make it the ideal gateway to start expanding your business. The Netherlands acts as the logistical hub for Europe through the Rotterdam port (Europe’s largest) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (named second best Western European airport for 2015), both with renowned service levels. Carried along by international economic trends, the Netherlands has an open economy.  The Netherlands has grown into an important import and export nation. Major export industries include oil and related products, chemicals, electronics and related components, office machines, telecommunications devices, pharmaceuticals and fruit and vegetables.

The Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB) is responsible for safeguarding financial stability. The DNB, together with the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), supervises financial institutions and the financial sector. Dutch banks are reliable and offer an extensive range of financial services.

The Dutch tax and legal system is aimed at supporting international business growth and expansion through their national provisions and a large international tax, investment and dispute resolution treaty network, specialized English language competent corporate law courts. Furthermore, as being part of the European Union, a foreign company setting up a business in the Netherlands has access to the unified internal market and can reach around 500 million consumers.