We asked Friggo Kraaijeveld, a partner of KC Legal, to answer the most intriguing questions about choosing a reliable firm in the Netherlands:

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– As a lawyer with (20+) years of experience, can you say why it is important to work with high-quality experts in the Netherlands?

F: – The tax laws and laws in general have become so complex over the past years due to the ambition of politicians or international developments, so it is important to work with parties or law firms that have long-term experience and understand the background of the existing laws. They also have to know how to interpret the developments over the past years to provide the best solutions for clients.

– And what distinguishes KC Legal & KC Accounting from the other firms?

F: – We have a specific focus on multinational enterprises that operate in the Netherlands, so we focus on foreign companies that operate or plan to have activities in the Netherlands or in Europe through the Netherlands. We also focus on companies who invest through the Netherlands and our focus is aimed at the Eastern part of the world, e.g. Russia, CIS countries, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

– And what is the first step for non-EU citizens to make to expand to the Netherlands? 

F: – The first thing is to determine what you want to do: to sell B2B or BTC. Next, you have to decide how you want your setup to be and determine what setup matches your intentions and your goals. It could be setting up an entity, branch or another form. This is the first step. 

– How can KC Legal and KC Accounting help with that?

F: – We can assist with determination and incorporation of the setup, such as Dutch B.V., where we can organise the incorporation process, registration with tax authorities and everything which is obligatory. We also assist with accounting activities, such as preparation of financial statements, management reports and financial advisory.

– Lastly, Friggo, what is important when choosing a tax advisory and accounting firm to work with?

F: – I think that the most important thing is a party that not only understands your business but is also interested in it and willing to bring your business forward to the next level by also building the goals you wish to achieve.