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How a Russian company can access the Netherlands? – Jeroen Ketting.

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On May 21, a businessman and mentor with 27 years of experience in international business and the owner of The Lighthouse Group, Jeroen Ketting, explained how a Russian company can penetrate the Dutch market.

During the event, Jeroen mentioned differences in business culture, discussed communication barriers between Russians and the Dutch while doing business, and explained what to expect from a Dutch business partner. Also, the expert shared his professional experience, mentioned how to deal with the communication barrier and demonstrated tips and tricks on how to create a useful business network. Finally, he explained how to establish a business infrastructure in the Netherlands and argued why the Netherlands is the best choice for a Russian company to expand to Europe.

“If don’t make it in the Netherlands, you will have a hard time making it somewhere else” – Jeroen Ketting.

After the webinar, Jeroen also commented on the Russian decision to withdraw from the tax treaty with the Netherlands.

The slides are available upon request.

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