Dutch IBAN and Accounting

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We understand that as a foreign national it can be incredibly difficult to start a company and open a bank account in the Netherlands. Therefore, let us provide you with a convenient deal for your business, where everything can be arranged in one click.

We provide expert consultancy and excellent banking services for your business to expand in the Netherlands.

We accept NON-EU residents and shareholders

  • A company in one of the most reliable countries in Europe
  • NL IBAN: a multi-currency account with 35+ major currencies
  • Personal expert manager support 24/7
  • An administration prepared by accredited accountants
  • Online onboarding procedure
  • Convenient incorporation: no need to have a double-check process, everything will be done in one click

We accept international businesses with a sustainable turnover; and new companies if they belong to an already established international group.

An onboarding fee may be charged and will depend on ownership, industry and transaction attributes.


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The advantages of non-public companies under the Dutch GAAP compared to companies under IFRS

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On Thursday April 22, the webinar of KC Accounting/ FinExpertiza Netherlands took place, where a Business advisor/ Accountant Rutger Koelewijn participated as invited speaker.

During the event the speaker discussed the advantages of non-public companies under the Dutch GAAP compared to companies under IRS. Also Rutger defined a company Small Size under Dutch GAAP, discussed its advantages compared to Medium Size and Large Size and compared to IFRS. Next, the speaker named the exemptions under Dutch GAAP and introduced a real life case followed by two examples from his professional practice. Finally, an expert answered the questions from the audience.

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A Business Advisor / Accountant, Rutger Koelewijn :

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The advantages of non-public companies under the Dutch GAAP compared to companies under IFRS

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Next week, on April 22nd Rutger Koulewijn, Business Advisor at FinExpertiza Netherlands / KC Accounting, will discuss the advantages of non-public companies under the Dutch GAAP compared to companies under IFRS.

The upcoming webinar will cover the following topics:
– Classification of a company under the Dutch GAAP.
– What are the advantages for a company in the Netherlands under the Dutch GAAP as compared to companies doing accounting in accordance with IFRS?
– What if your company has no advantages under Dutch GAAP at the end of the year?
– Q&A session.
The webinar will be held on April 22nd at 4 PM Moscow time (2 PM CET time).
The webinar language is English with Russian interpretation.
For registration, please use the following link:

Relocation to the Netherlands: possibilities for non-EU citizens

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On Tuesday, March 16, the third webinar of KC Legal took place, where the speakers from JFRElse Frishman-Jansen and Marije van Der Riet participated as invited speakers.

During the event the speakers discussed the process of obtaining permits for highly skilled migrants, related employment and tax issues. In addition, general rules and exceptions were introduced. Else and Marije discussed the required gross salaries and requirements for each exception. The experts explained the possibility to obtain a highly skilled migrant permit for shareholders of a company. Hence, Else and Marije named the most preferable exception and explained the choice. 

Also, legal obligations of recognized sponsors hiring foreign employees were presented in an executive summary that each attendance was provided with after the webinar upon request. Finally, a checklist with all the steps to follow was introduced to participants.


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Experts in law and immigartion, Else Frishman and Marije van Der Riet: 

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A second webinar on Investment Assets Protection Structure in the Netherlands will take place on February 2nd.

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In an online event an expert in investment law & arbitration Nikos Lavranos will explain how to protect investment assets in the Netherlands.

About this Event

Nikos Lavranos ( is a founder of NL-investmentconsulting firm and has expertise in advising, litigating, negotiating, drafting legislation and providing expert witness reports. He combines his experience as arbitrator, mediator, legal consultant, academic and former policy maker and chief negotiator for Bilateral Investment Treaties.

In the upcoming webinar the expert will cover the following topics:

  • How to achieve optimal asset protection through BITs?
  • What do BITs offer?
  • How do BITs operate?
  • How to use international arbitration against unfair government measures?


The webinar will be held on February 2nd, at 15:00 (CET) time.

The registration link is available below:


The deadlines for reporting certain cross-border arrangements under the Mandatory Disclosure rules are approaching.

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Reportable cross-border arrangements of which the final -ready to implement advice has been made available and of which the first step of implementation has been made between 1 July 2020 and 1 January 2021 must be reported by the involved intermediaries ultimately before 31 January 2021.

In case you need any assistance with assessing whether certain cross-border arrangements would be reportable under the Mandatory Disclosure rules or with the reporting itself, please reach out as KC Legal would be ready to assist.

Friggo Kraaijeveld Speaks At Conference In Cyprus

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Academy & Finance and Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC organised the conference “global private clients strategies and fiscal transparency” in Limassol, Cyprus, on 5-6 February 2015.

The conference focussed on the implementation of tax transparency requirements by Cyprus financial intermediaries and institutions, and additionally, on Cyprus tax compliant solutions.

Friggo Kraaijeveld, tax partner at Kraaijeveld Coppus Legal, took part in a session on the topic “comparison between Cyprus and other international financial centers”. He gave a presentation on “tax developments in the Netherlands and how they affect Cyprus professionals”.