5 July 2021

A few questions to a partner of KC Legal & KC Accounting, Ceriel Coppus

7 June 2021

We asked Friggo Kraaijeveld, a partner of KC Legal, to answer the most intriguing questions about choosing a reliable firm in the Netherlands:

26 May 2021

Dutch IBAN and Accounting

21 May 2021

How a Russian company can access the Netherlands? – Jeroen Ketting.

26 April 2021

Documentation requirement in relation to ATAD 2

22 April 2021

The advantages of non-public companies under the Dutch GAAP compared to companies under IFRS

20 April 2021

What fees can I expect when establishing and maintaining a Dutch company with a business in the Netherlands?

14 April 2021

Update on Russian – Dutch Tax Agreement

13 April 2021

An anti-tax-avoidance bill introduced by the Dutch government

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